How it started: Manfred and Stefan met early 2012 in Habana to teach for an IT-Security Winter School in Cuba. Beside very interesting experience with Cuban students and faculty, they had mainly a good time in Habana.

How it went on: Late 2012, Thomas and Manfred met on a sunday afternoon in an alpine village in the center of Austria. Thomas listened to the stories of Habana and it was clear that one day we need a reason to go there all three of us ... all following activities lead directly towards Yagoba, although they had absolutely nothing to do with Cuba.

Where we are now: Meanwhile we delivered 45 customer projects in the markets payment, automotive and consumer products on time. We modified the Android Kernel to develop a payment demonstrator, four of our payment applets were successfully certified on contact-less and contact based smart card as well as NFC modules, and we designed and implemented the secure storage and key generation and crypto primitives for a secure element. We have supported our clients during specification of payment schemes and implemented reference applets for existing standards. We tested and analysed and optimized third party applets for our clients. We developed a test-environment for Java Cards and we are working on a protection product for networked embedded systems in the IoT. we are partners in two funded research projects, with partners form universities and industry. Our team consists now of five persons, supported by four more partners who support Yagoba as contractors when required. 

Where will it lead us: Towards a productive working environment, in a awesome team. Towards great products engineered with passion and quality. Towards strong partnerships, and maybe ... one day we do a business trip to Habana to celebrate one of our successful project deliveries! So far we made it to France, China and Croatia ... Cuba still missing.