How to reach us?

[T] +43 650 8316400 (Manfred Aigner)

Yagoba GmbH
Beethovenstraße 20
8010 Graz, Austria

[CRN] FN 395443 i, LG Graz
[UID] AT U67906288

Who is Yagoba?

Yagoba GmbH was founded in April 2013 in Graz, Austria, by three former university colleagues. Since May 2013 we executed more than 50 projects to the full satisfaction of our customers. Our developments are regularly certified for electronic payment systems. We are known as reliable partner for highly efficient code that meets highest security and quality standards. Together with our clients we define the requirements, timelines, interfaces and functionality to work as reliable and independent partner.

Stefan Tillich, CTO

Stefan’s position at Yagoba is CTO (Chief Technology Officer), leading the product development and implementation. He is our expert for secure and efficient implementation. If you require support for payment applets (contact and contact-less application on cards or NFC modules), Stefan is the guy you need. In case you have performance problems with your Java Card applet running on a specific controller, talk to him. Stefan studied computer science with an emphasis on security and digital hardware design. He worked as postdoc researcher at the University of Bristol in the team of Nigel Smart, and published around 50 articles about the design of security hardware, SCA analysis and protection, microprocessor architectures and similar topics in high-ranked scientific literature.

Thomas Popp, CSO

As CSO (Chief Science Officer) Thomas ensures that Yagoba stays ready for the future. Beside his activities together with our academic partners, he is responsible for development of our staff. Additionally he leads development of our test environment. As former patent consultant, he also covers all our innovation and IP topics. Thomas studied computer science ("Telematik") with an emphasis on IT-security and digital hardware design of SCA-resistant crypto circuits. His focus during his PhD and postdoc research were SCA-resistant logic styles. Thomas is co-author of the "DPA Book": Power Analysis Attacks - Revealing the Secrets of Smart Cards. After his academic career, Thomas worked as a patent engineer and IP consultant at Anwälte Burger & Partner.  

Manfred Aigner, CAO

Manfred's position at Yagoba is CAO (Chief Administrative Officer). This means, he is responsible for nearly everything, except for tasks that have to do with development. Manfred cares for customers, contracts, and coffee. Additionally, he is responsible for application for funded research projects and makes sure that staff and management is happy and motivated.  Manfred studied computer science with an emphasis on IT-security and digital chip design. His PhD thesis he dealt with security in the IoT. For eight years he led a research team at Graz University of Technology at the IAIK. After his academic career he worked as product manager in the semiconductor industry, became executive coach, and founded a consultancy for dissemination.

Want to work with us?

We are hiring and in case you want to participate on our journey, send us your CV and answer the following questions:

1. Why do you want to join Yagoba?
2. What do you expect from your future at Yagoba?

How to send us confidential information?

Whenever reasonable, we use PGP for confidential and authenticated communication via email. Try GnuPG or the last version the the PGP Freeware in case you do not yet use PGP. Send us your Public Key via Email and provide a published phone number for verification of the Fingerprint. We will call you for verification.

Stefan's Public

Key ID: 5A78 86EB BEE6 9833
Fingerprint: 3EB7 829A 90E6 1CE4
05E4 D2E5 5A78 86EB BEE6 9833
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Thomas' Public

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Fingerprint: 061D 3995 5955 AADD
C823 E93C 3FA8 2FC2 73B1 32C1
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Christoph's Public

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Manfred's Public

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Karin's Public

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Bernhard's Public

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Max' Public

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Alex' Public

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Michael's Public

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