Privacy Policy

Yagoba is processing personal data of clients and persons we got in contact with, within our project or staff acquisition actions. In most cases, we need to process your personal data to fulfill contractual obligations. This is only contact data which we receive directly from the concerned persons (e.g. business card) or from their organizations and companies in case they get introduced as responsible persons for specific tasks.

Yagoba will use such contact data (like Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, PGP Key) for the purpose of executing running projects, supporting past projects or, acquiring future projects  or acquiring staff.

Additionally, we may invite you -maximum twice a year- to Yagoba events which have purely social character and, in very special cases, we may inform you of important ongoing developments at Yagoba, without direct project relevance (e.g. new employee, or season greetings). In no case we will forward your data to other companies or entities, unless you actively expressed that we can or shall do so (e.g. an additional project partner, or accounting agent). Your data is kept on computers or printouts within our EMVCO-site approved premises, and mobile devices held by our executives and employees. Whenever you want to update, change or delete your data, or if you want to revoke Yagoba’s right to use your personal data for these purposes please get directly back to Christoph (