Yagoba stands for IT security implementation following highest standards.

Wherever security and efficiency are required, we are the experts of choice. We understand IT-security technology from crypto primitives, via protocols and implementation techniques to application level. We design and implement security measures for smart cards, on OS level (C, assembly) or application level (Java Card). We support during specification, implementation or certification and we design test tools for developers and test labs.  We design and implement IT security relevant software, to achieve secure applications with minimum overhead. Design and development of code for secure elements (smart cards, TEE) is our main focus. Testing for functionality and security is part of our implementation but we also offer testing of external code as service. Our activities span from consulting during the specification phase until support during security implementation, testing and certification. Our expertise in efficient software design and secure implementation enables us to deliver secure code with highest protection against known implementation attacks.  An agile development approach warrants for flexibility to react on changes, for on-time delivery and for seamless handover and integration in the environments of our clients. Our design flow and testing approach ensure highest quality and reliability. Our vast experience from several application fields like payment, automotive or consumer markets and strong scientific background allow us to consult our customers for IT security aspects in their products.

We are IT-security experts with more than 60 years of practical experience.

Our development team has strong theoretic background, hands-on experience in implementation attacks as well as the development, implementation and evaluation of effective countermeasures. Yagoba’s team members share their passion for technology, engineering and science.We produce high-quality code without compromise in security and efficiency. On-site support during design integration, certification and product lifetime is part of our service. We contribute also during specification for seamless integration of our expertise.